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Alumni Array

This bold exhibition featured alumni works installed from floor to ceiling in the Bronze gallery. Posters, campaigns, typeface designs, self-initiated projects, screen prints, and speculative designs demonstrate the array of work created by MICAGD alumni. This exhibition represented alumni from the past 15 years.

Curated by
Brockett Horne

Exhibition Dates
Sept 10 — Oct 14, 2018

Hilary Ament
Natalia Celine Arias
Rene Arvizu
Michael Auer
Lydia Bickal
Androu Boudreau
Mel Bours
Christine Brown
Robin Brunelle
Maria Chimishkyan
Tara Dahabsu
Anna Eshelman
Jen Evans
Katie Evans
Aron Fay
Nick Forgarty
Morgan Frazier
Hayley Griffin
Tanya Heidrich
Elizabeth Herrmann
Matt Hodin
Leah Horowitz
Nick Hum
Olivia Johnson
John Kudos
Christina Kwiek
Emily Long
Ilene Lundy
Jackson Lynch
Andy Mangold
Sara Michener
Mike Milano
Claire Moskal
Connor Muething
Oliver Munday
Hesuh Park
Kailie Parrish
Nathaniel Phillips
Mike Rich
Rahul Subinash Shinde
Mariah Tarvanien
Angelo Tiranbulo
Sam Trapkin
John Vetter
Luke Williams
Meghan Wittbrodt
Ronin Wood
Leslie Xia
Sarah Yeager
Melinda Zhou

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