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As, Not For

As, Not For: Dethroning Our Absolutes is an incomplete historical survey of work created by African-American graphic designers over the last century. These practitioners are absent in too many classroom lectures, and their methods mostly invisible or uncredited in the field. This exhibition aims to promote the inclusion of neglected Black designers and their developed methodologies and challenge the ubiquity of White and anti-Black aesthetics in our designed world. As, Not For premiered at MICA and traveled to many other venues.

Curated by
Jerome Harris

Exhibition Dates
Aug 27 — Sept 30, 2018

Buddy Esquire
Phase 2
Pen & Pixel
Reginald Gammon
Art Sims
W.E.B DuBois
Laini (Sylvia) Abernathy
Archie Boston
Emmett McBain
Eugene Winslow
LeRoy Winbush
Grafton Tyler Brown
Cey Adams
Emory Douglas

Photography by
Andrew Copeland


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