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Claiming Design

The vision for the show Claiming Design is to shed light on the otherwise unseen minority within design. Female presenting designers have historically had a hard time competing with men when it comes to exposure, success and overall job rate in the graphic design world, especially women of color. Competing with a mainly white male population within the industry is difficult, but this exhibition hopes to show the value of other perspectives within GD and design as a whole. Design itself has not been colonized, rather, it has been used to colonize the minds of others. It is the culture shaped that pushes the agenda of whoever is using it. The power to take it and utilize it to speak to the experiences of POC is inherent.

Curated by
Xena Brar
Maddie Abuyuan

Exhibition Dates
Feb 24 — Mar 9, 2020

Nina Q. Allen
Maya Braunstein
Victoria Escobar
Mirian Fuentes Romero
Leyla Gokcek
Jessica He
Mia Karlin-Cappello
Aasawari Kulkarni
Elaine Lopez
Veeksha Mehndiratta
Anjali Nair
Andrea Gonzalez Noriega
Zuli Segura
Ariana Vilchis

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