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Colors to Eat
Museum of Spring Festival

Curated in two parts by
Jiyoo Suh and Shiwen Lyu

Launch Date
October 7, 2021

Colors to Eat 
(Jiyoo Suh)
How colorful is your day? Eat colorfully!

Colors To Eat was inspired by the beautiful colors of fresh ingredients. The project was carried out with the question “How can I make people have fun having healthy meals in their daily lives?”
People can share what COLORS they eat everyday using the Instagram filter that was created for this campaign.

Museum of Spring Festival(年禧博物馆)
(Shiwen Lyu)
The most important traditional festival in China, Spring Festival is a family celebration similar to Christmas in the West. The Spring Festival Museum encourages Chinese audiences to pass the tradition from generation to generation so that the atmosphere is not forgotten and gives insight to those who are not familiar with this important festival.

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