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Hand Letters 

This collection of hand lettering and custom typography featured works from across campus, particularly from Illustration and Graphic Design students and alumni. Fanciful, colorful, and imaginative applications of letters filled the galleries, showing a range of styles and interests.

Curated by
Christian Dexter

Exhibition Dates
Oct 7 — 20, 2019

Pragun Agarwal
Hannah Ahn
Sammy al Asmar
Potch Auacherdkul
Xena Brar
Akshita Chandra
Jessica Cho
Shreya Damle
Kelcey Gray
Akia Jones
Samuel Kang
Aasawari Kulkarni
Site Ma
Katie Mills
Anjali Nair
Fernando Osuna Martinez
Shivani Parasnis
Maria Sanchez
Jenn Scaraville
Ellie Schwartz
Arielle Sztulman
Kai Tiller
Chloe Vo
Nicole Waltman
Xiaolin Yuan
Meredith Zerby
Nan Zu

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