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Liber Transformed

Liber Transformed is an homage to bookmaking as a whole and called for artists to submit work that does so. Artists were free to use different techniques in storytelling and construction that either veer away from the traditional and expected or lean heavily on more archaic and veteran processes. It is important that we recognize how the word “book” is perceived and understood, and how that idea of communicating via “book” has changed so drastically in the past few centuries and how it continues to change today.

Curated by
Cat DeLo
Leyla Gokcek

Exhibition Dates
Mar 29 — May 16, 2020

Amit Ben-Baruch
Kaylani Brown
Dasha Burobina
Andrea Carlota
Matthew Carter
Yaya Chanawichote
Kailyn D'Elena
Pallavi Daga
Kayla Firth
Alesa Good
Katty Huertas
Jessica Laudadio
Anson Lin
Sarah Mac
Declan McKenna
Sabrina Mellado
Hannah Moog
Grant Nickson
Jane Peterson
Chloe (Trang) Phan
Nat Raum
Grace Ritchie
Shelby Slayden
Valentina Soto Ruiz
Kai Tiller
Vinutha Venkatesh
Yan Wang
Tyler Washington
Yiwen Yu


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