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The New Normal

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed our daily lives drastically, and our definition of the “normal” has shifted. As we move forward into the post COVID-19 era, we continue to adjust to the changes—social distancing, working from home, shifting to online learning. New Normal features work that shares artists’ experiences and stories that reflect upon the transitions they are going through in response to the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, as we adapt to the new normal. What does normal mean to you today?

New Normal is a virtually curated show to celebrate the official launch of MICAGD Archives.

Launch Date
September 20, 2020

Curated By
Hannah Ahn
Tracy Ma (New York Times)

Izzy Acuna
Xena Brar
Fiona Cohen
Miri Kim
Rowena Kou
Soyeon Kwon
Seren Le
Angela Lee
Dawn Lee
Yuchae Lee
Aoran Ma
Erin Moore
Matthew Napoli
Simdi Onyilofor
Isabel Pardo
Yewon Ryoo
María Sánchez
Hanul Song
Tom Tang
Rhea Vergis
Ariana Vilchis
Chloe Vo
Tianyue Wei
Ethan Wong
Emily Yeung

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