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Type in Space

Several typographic installations were installed in the Brown Center galleries by the Graphic Design Post Baccalaureate and Master of Arts students between 2016–2019. The exhibitions explored the potential of letterforms to inhabit 3d space in both active and passive ways that provoke interaction, curiosity or provide needed direction.

Exhibition Dates
2016, 2018, 2019

Maria Habib
Sandie Maxa

Aaron Jackson
Aidan Quinlan
Allison Weinstock
Amelia vonWolffersdorff
Amy Seago
Ashley Fletcher
Avery Parker
Ben Torres
Brooks Clarke
Carolyn Wolf
Chad Greenberg
Chang Yang
Charlie Francis
Chase Romero
Cliff Weaver
Cora McKenzie
Cynthia Zhu
Daniel Spurgin
Danielle Davis
Drohan DiSanto
Emma Veith
Genevieve Ott
George Nichols IV
Hannah Cusworth
Jenn Livermore
Jeré Jefferson
Jessica Brown
Jo Zhu
Kat Hartley
Kristi Liu
Lindsey Leigh
Lindy Zhu
ML Howell
Mansur Makhmudov
Mara Berkland
Meb Byrne
Megan Gileza
Meng Hsuan Lin
Nicole Jones
Noni Devora
Oscar Arce
Qiuwei Huang
Rachael Tellerman
Rachel Avallone
Sabrina Xiao
Sandhya Madduri
Shiya Wu
Sylvia Li
Vic Liu
Will Banse

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