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Womxn Most Likely

Womxn Most Likely honored the expertise and aspirations of femxle- identifying designers and creatives. The exhibition showcased the original voices of nearly 20 womxn and highlighted resources for discovering femxle designers outside of the MICA community.

Curated by
Mackenzie Schroeder

Exhibition Dates
Oct 2 — Nov 1, 2016

Natalia Arias
Mazzy Bell
Reyna Clarissa
Nicole Fleming
Mihoshi Fukushima
Rheagan King
Kris LaRosa
Casey Leach
Iris Lee
Nora Mestrich
Claire Moore
Kariyma Murphy
Erica Remmele
Alyse Ruriani
Aggie Toppins
Ashley Wu
Seunghee Sammy Yi
Alyssa Ziobro

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